Spring Cooler

Hank’s select Spring Bundle. 4 Filets, 4 New York Strips, Beef Jerky, Hillbilly Jerky, and Beef Sticks.

  • New York Strip 2-Pack × 2

    Cut from the top of the short loin, the New York Strip is well-marbled, tender, and rich in flavor. Sold in 2-packs, 12oz each.

  • Filet 2-Pack × 2

    A rich, delicate cut from the center of the tenderloin. The most tender cut, with a buttery texture and mild flavor. Sold in 2-packs, 8oz each.

  • Smoked Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky from our smoker

  • Smoked Hillbilly Jerky

    Hillbilly Jerky from our smoker. Made with pork.

  • Beef Sticks

    From Our Smoker - Dismal River Beef Sticks

Raised in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, Dismal River Beef sources only the best Certified Angus Beef from local ranchers. We are Nebraska’s Best!

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