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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the beef shipped?

We work with UPS and guarantee your order will be delivered within 2 days of leaving our facility.  All orders placed online will be shipped the following Tuesday and delivered by Thursday.  Our 2-day ground shipping customers will pay $9.99 for shipping and our 2-day air customers will pay $49.99 shipping for each bundle purchased.  All 2-day air customers must order a minimum of $250.00 in product.  Product availability is limited for our 2-day air customers. 

Is the beef I order frozen?

The beef you order is vacuum sealed fresh and flash frozen in a specialized freezer, to preserve the integrity and quality of the beef.  You will receive the freshest ranch raised beef Nebraska has to offer!

How long can I keep the beef I order in my freezer?

Because of our packaging and freezing process, your beef will maintain our quality-fresh guarantee up to six months after the product arrives at your door.

Is the cattle you purchase from local cattlemen all grass fed?

Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished.  The cattle are grain-fed for 2-3 months prior to being transported to our facility.  Grain finishing the beef promotes the marbling, tenderness, and superior flavor profile we are known for. 

What makes Dismal River Beef different from other Nebraska beef suppliers?

At Dismal River Beef, we have our own dedicated processing facility.  We choose dedicated, local ranchers who raise cattle to meet our specifications. We control how the meat is harvested, aged, cut and packed, which the larger suppliers simply cannot do.  The result is the best piece of Nebraska beef, which is now proudly shared nationwide.

How do I place a large or custom order?

You can place a large order or a custom order by contacting us. View the order form here.


Welcome to Nebraska – where they call it “the Good Life” for a reason. Raised in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, Dismal River Beef sources Certified Angus Beef from local ranchers . Our cattle are known for their exceptional taste and quality. The remarkable flavor is the result of generations of hard working, local ranching experience. We are Nebraska’s best!

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