Nebraska Beef

For nearly half a century, our family farm ties to the Sandhills region have produced some of the finest cattle in the Midwest. We’re proud to offer Pack Your Cooler, Spring and Summer Coolers, Subscriptions, Smoked Meats and more from the nation’s best tasting beef.
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Pack your Cooler

dismal cooler box
dismal cooler box
dismal cooler box
Build your own butcher shop bundle by choosing two or three boxes of premium Nebraska Beef. Choose from the following and fill your cooler:

Steak Box - CHOOSE

  • Ribeye (4-pack)
  • Filet (4-pack)
  • NY Strip (4-pack)
  • Ribeye (4-pack)
  • Tenderloin (4lbs)
  • Ribeye (2-pack) | Filet (2-pack)
  • Ribeye (2-pack) | NY Strip (2-pack)
  • NY Strip (2-pack) | Filet (2-pack)

Burger Box - CHOOSE

  • 16 Char Patties
  • 1lb Ground Beef Chubs x4


  • Beef Jerky (4-pack)
  • Hillbilly Jerky (4-pack)
  • Beef Stick (2-pack)
“It’s about pride in where you came from, your land, your cattle…it’s a way of life.”

See what makes our beef rise above the rest. Our story features local ranchers and family ties to an area pivotal in settling the Sandhills.

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Raised in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, Dismal River Beef sources only the best Certified Angus Beef from local ranchers. We are Nebraska’s Best!

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