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Our cattle are raised, harvested, aged and cut the right way… Simple, Honest, Good Beef.

Summer Bundle

Hank’s select Summer Bundle. 4 Ribeyes and a box of CharPpatties.

$149.95 available on subscription

  • Ribeye 2-Pack × 2

    A steakhouse classic, the ribeye is well-marbled, tender, and rich in flavor. Sold in 2-packs, 16oz each.

  • Char Patties 16-Pack

    Our 6oz Char Patties are made with Angus Beef and ready for the grill.

You may choose either two Steak Boxes, 2 Burger Boxes, or one of each. 


Welcome to Nebraska – where they call it “the Good Life” for a reason. Raised in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, Dismal River Beef sources Certified Angus Beef from local ranchers . Our cattle are known for their exceptional taste and quality. The remarkable flavor is the result of generations of hard working, local ranching experience. We are Nebraska’s best!

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